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5 Ways to Mellow Your Morning



Since having a baby, I realized just how precious and important my mornings once were. I knew how long it took me to get ready, so if I needed to hit the snooze button a couple times… no big deal. Then insert another human I have to care for, feed, and ultimately keep alive while I try to keep it the fuck together! My mornings were no longer mine, and to make matters worse… I had no idea, and still, have no idea what to expect each morning my nugget wakes up. He could get up at 8 AM, which would give me plenty of time to get ready in the morning… or he could pull the goalie and eff up my world with a wake-up call at 6 AM… you just never know (which might be the worst part about it). So, how do I handle the mornings with my little ninja, a second one on the way, and still maintain my sanity? My 5 Secrets to Mellowing my Morning are below:

  1. Wake Up Early… like before your kids early. I set an alarm every day to wake-up about an hour earlier than when Brooks typically wakes. He’s usually up anywhere between 7:15 and 8:00 AM, so I typically start my day around 6:15 AM, and either way I’m prepared for a best case or worst case scenario… best being that I’ll get one more hour of ‘me time’ or worst… ‘me time’ is over sooner than I thought.
  2. Auto Start the Coffee Maker. I recently found this little life-saving trick and it has changed my WORLD! I clean and prep everything the night before and have the timer set to the same time I wake up… granted I don’t drink the coffee immediately after getting out of bed, but I can smell it while I’m getting ready for the day… which is even more of an incentive for me to get my booty up and downstairs!
  3. Make the Bed. Yep, I know I sound a little cray…. but having a made bed makes my day! If my husband is not still in it, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up… so then it’s done. Brooks and I usually cuddle in the afternoon on the bed and watch a movie, so I love having it made! Even if I didn’t get anything accomplished that day, I can at minimum say I tried to cause my bed was made… I know, I’m super weird, but it for sure mellows me out… even more so when I walk by the bedroom throughout the day and see it all pretty 🙂
  4. Unload or Start the Dishwasher the Night Before. Waking up to a sink full of dishes is the worst feeling for me. Coming downstairs in the early AM, and seeing nothing in the sink eases my mind. If I see a bunch of dirty dishes it would stress me out because I knew it was one more thing for me to do that day… which this mama does not need.
  5. Meal Plan. Set out breakfast or at least plan what it is going to be… and that goes for me and my baby. For instance, if it’s a Poptart kinda day for mama, then I pull a packet out until I’m ready to toast them and then I will prepare a bottle for the little nugget knowing that’s the first thing he is going to want to have when he wakes up. If I’m feeling super peppy, I’ll even go ahead and prep a couple more bottles of milk, since they are already clean (see item #4), and get them ready for the rest of the day. This is such a life-saver, especially if my little one decides to throw a fit and I’m not fast enough at preparing his bottle, I can just grab and go!


YAY! There you have it! My 5 little tricks that help me chill the eff out on the morning! What else am I missing that I can incorporate in the day to help save time, energy, my mind… I’m all ears??