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Home Tour: Brooks’ Nursery



One of my favorite rooms in my home is Brooks’ Nursery. Despite that it is, in fact, a toddler’s room at this point, it’s still relatively peaceful (when my nugget isn’t in the room destroying it). When I found out I was having a boy, I was sad… ok, I felt like my dreams of all things pretty & pink were essentially crushed! HOWEVER, when I started coming around to the idea of a little handsome gent in my home (besides my husband), I got more and more excited to decorate his nursery. When I was designing his room, I had two goals in mind:


  1. Keep it simple
  2. Keep it neutral


Our theme was all things travel…sticking with my love of gray tones of course… while throwing in a pop of navy and white here and there. I’m not really into “baby” themed decor, and I wanted to create something Brooks could grow into as well. So, when I was picking his pieces, my first stop was Restoration Hardware. I found the crib, changing table, dresser, mirror, curtains, shelves, glider chair, and my ALL time favorite pieces… the ships, at RH Baby. Then I purchased just the downloadable prints from Etsy for the two pieces or art, had them printed and custom framed with WHCC. The travel pillow was also a fun find at Home Goods and basically tied this room altogether. The rocking horse was actually mine. My mom and dad bought it together when I was a nugget… part of me wants to get it restained to match the theme, the other half wants me to keep it as is… seriously, so torn!

I hope you enjoy our nursery as much we I do! With baby number two on the way, I’ll be needing to fit another crib in here somehow… so any and all ideas are welcome!


Crib | Restoration Hardware Baby

Bedding | Restoration Hardware Baby

Travel Pillow | Home Goods

Mirror | Restoration Hardware Baby

Ships | Restoration Hardware Baby

Travel Photos | Etsy

Frames | WHCC

Curtains | Restoration Hardware Baby

Ottoman | Restoration Hardware Baby

Glider | Restoration Hardware Baby

Shelves | Restoration Hardware Baby

Book Crates | Home Goods

Changing Table & Dresser | Restoration Hardware

The Palms to My Tree Sign | C/S Designs