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Thank You, Irma…



Hurricane Irma has come and gone… for the most part. The winds outside are still fairly strong, but we atleast were able to step outside for a bit this morning. In light of what has happened, and is still happening across Florida and southern Georgia, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Irma for a multitude of things before she is gone forever…


  • Thank you, Irma… for making us clean out our garage! I’m not sure it would’ve gotten down anytime soon… so that was a big help, and both of our cards were tucked in safely while you made your way through our neighborhood.


  • Thank you, Irma… for giving me an excuse to stay in my pj’s all day yesterday… I love being comfy, and I didn’t feel guilty about it one bit!


  • Thank you, Irma… for forcing us to do all to do all of our laundry before your arrival. This is a task that feels never ending… and now I know I can wash, fold, and put away 4 loads of laundry in one day!


  • Thank you, Irma… for having us turn the AC down to 65 in case the power went out… it’s felt like Christmas for a bit… which was nice and festive… all things considered.


  • Thank you, Irma… for not destroying our new home. I was nervous… very nervous actually… something would happen to our beautiful home. But you spared it, and us in it.


  • Thank you, Irma… for allowing us to let our nugget sleep in our bed guilt free last night. Brooks sleeps in his room every night, and though I selfishly want him with me sometimes… I know it’s not the best thing for either of us. But we cuddled last night as fam… and at one point Brooks turned over and ever so gently put his hand on Chris’ arm and it about melted my heart.


  • Thank you, Irma… for helping us get our Hurricane preparedness kit together for the next one. We didn’t have to use most of our prep items… which means we are already fully prepared for the next storm to strike.


  • Thank you, Irma… for showing me how much my husband loves us. He went above and beyond for this storm to protect our family and get us ready for the worst. Brooks and I are lucky to have him.


  • Thank you, Irma… for allowing me to care about others beyond my immediate world. I get so caught up in the little world I live in all the time, and I forget what it must feel like to be someone else who isn’t as fortunate.


  • Thank you, Irma… for reminding me how lucky I am. To live in a safe home, and have the means to protect it and everyone in it. My husband and I have worked very hard to build this life, and I’m lucky we still have every part of it with us.


A few pics of the aftermath around our hood… it got kinda of windy toward the end of our walk and Brooks was no having it.