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6 Tasks I Outsource to Make My Life Easier



As a mom, mompreneur, business owner, and normal human being… I get overwhelmed, tired, and sometimes a lil’ scary when I have too much shit to do and not enough time to do it. I know my strengths, and I definitely know my weaknesses… and there’s no point in spending time doing something I’m just not good or efficient at doing. So I choose to outsource certain areas in my life to make me a better mom, wife, and business owner.

  1. Cleaning Service – I have someone come to my house twice a month, every month and clean my entire house… like everything… showers, windows, baseboards… the stuff you might normally clean once a year if you’re lucky! It has hands down been the biggest game changer to my life, and no joke… has somewhat saved my marriage. I would spend every weekend cleaning an area of the house… one weekend it was the bathrooms…. the next the kitchen… then the bedrooms… nothing was ever done. It was such a struggle for me and that was already on top of the other things I was doing: working full time, traveling, laundry (that’s the next thing I need to outsource). I said enough was enough, and Chris begrudgingly agreed. Years later, and even after I left my full-time gig… we still have a cleaning service and Chris LOVES them! The amount of time it saves me is HUGE… and there is no better feeling than walking into a clean home. Granted, little buddy loves him some dust buster, but I couldn’t rely solely on him to clean my casa… or could I??? 😉
  2. Child Care – I recently hired a nanny to watch our little nugget two days a week. I thought when I became a mom, that the little guy would just sit there quietly while I got some work done, or put away the dishes… or went to the bathroom… yeah, no. Let me be clear, I love staying home with my nugget… but mama needs a break. I’ll be honest, though it’s only a couple days since we brought Kelli on… it has made a huge difference in how I am with my business as well as I how I am with Brooks. I allocate the time to work on my photography business when Kelli is here, then when she is gone I allocate the time with my baby.
  3. Grocery Shopping – Have you heard of Shipt? Stop what you’re doing, download this app… and let someone else do the grocery shopping for you. I’ll be honest, I don’t use this all the time… cause sometimes Brooks and I need to get out of the house.. but when I do use this service, it is an absolute lifesaver. You can make notes on specific items (i.e. hard grapes only please… I know… I’m weird). Or if they are out of something that was on your list, they’ll text you when they are at the store and ask if you want another item instead. I paid $100 for the annual service, and it’s worth every penny!
  4. Lawncare – Most of my friends and family know this already… but I use to work for a pretty big lawn & garden company 😉 Yep, me… chainsaws and all. That’s actually how Chris and I met. So, between the two of us, our garage is filled with enough lawn and garden equipment to make every man’s dream come true. Here’s the funny part, I pay someone to do our lawn. With a husband who travels, and a pregnant mama chasing around a one year… ain’t nobody got time for that. So one day, I saw this guy mowing my neighbor’s lawn and I literally ran out, flagged him down and asked how much he charges and if he could do out lawn too 🙂 Best $20 a week I ever spent. Granted this was more of Chris’ responsibility I decided to outsource, but I don’t have to nag him to do the lawn anymore… which means one less thing for me to do 🙂
  5. Photo Editing – Yep… I can hear my fellow photog friends gasp now. To clarify, I don’t use this service all the time, but during high season when I have weddings back to back and engagements every week on top of that… then this service is ideal and it ensures my clients get the professional photos they invested in, as well on time. The company I use has all my custom presets and knows my editing preferences in and out. It can be a costly expense, but worth it if it ensures my client’s expectations are exceeded.
  6. Floral Arrangements – Ok, I know this might seem like a silly one… but I LOVE having fresh flowers in my house. I previously bought florals from anywhere and everywhere… Trader Joe’s, Bouqs, Publix… and then I would go home and spend a good hour cutting, arranging, cutting again cause they weren’t the right height…arranging once more, only to find another vase… it took me almost a good hour to get the flowers the way I wanted them. However, I recently found a local florist, who will cut and arrange the flowers for me if I bring my vase in! Again, to some, this might seem super silly and a waste of time to some, but I would do this regardless… and now I just figured out how to put an hour of time back in my bucket.

So there you have it. 6 tasks I outsource to that make my life oh-so-easier! What else am I missing, any other mundane or tedious tasks that can be added to the list… please comment below and share 🙂