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Yep, you guessed it… I am preggers!

  • I’m going to get large & in charge… again!
  • I’m going to have the worst heartburn ever… again!
  • I’m going to lose a ton of sleep.. oh wait… I’ve already lost that since having #1!
  • I’m going to welcome another baby boy into the world and I am so effing excited!


I want to start off by explaining that this was not planned… however, we did plan on having another baby at some point, but we just weren’t sure on the timing. I can honestly say, I’m excited we’re doing this all over again so quickly. I’m not crazy or drunk (sadly), but I think having these my two boys (yep, it’s a boy!) right next to one another in age will actually be better for all four of us…

  • If we waited until after Brooks was potty trained to have another baby, we’d have to go through this shit (literally) all over again… I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be elbow deep in poo diapers for the next 5-6-7 years. Let’s get this show on the road, so we can get to the sweet spot of no more diaper expenses… ever… well, until Chris and I get old 😉
  • They get to be best buds… I love that they will get to experience life together and at relatively close stages in life together. Brooks will have just gone through what his baby bro is going through and he can teach, mentor, and help his baby brother out when he goes through them. They, hopefully, will have similar interests, and get to share them together which makes my heart burst with so much love…. that’s not even here yet!
  • Lessons will be brought on very early on for both boys. Brooks will need to learn how to share, and this new guy will need to learn who the big kid on the block is.


Granted… I could just be way off and it could be the biggest effing disaster ever having two kids so close in age… but either way, it will be our disaster. We will make it through it. And who am I kidding… I get that newborn baby smell back in my life (win for everyone)!!!

ps we have not decided on the name just yet, ut this mama over here is loving her some Wes 🙂