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One of the Hardest Things I’ve Ever Done…



I’ve packed up my things and moved away from my friends and family for a job in another state… which was hard. I’ve gave birth… which was haaarrrrddd. I’ve bitten my tongue for the sake of not starting a fight with my husband… which is very hard for me 😉 But I recently experienced something harder than I thought I could handle this past weekend… going to a wedding… as a guest.

I know… this sounds absolutely ridiculous… I’m fully aware… but here me out. Attending a wedding when it’s something you do all the time, but your responsibility as to how to be, is much different, is hard. I love weddings in general… so much so that’s why I went into the business of capturing them… so having to sit (still) and watch all these gorgeous moments unfold without my camera in hand was hard… like really hard, and for several reasons:

Like I mentioned before, I love capturing weddings and all the detail and time that went into planning them. So sitting there, getting my hair and makeup done while these gorgeous bouquets sat next to me… was sooooooo hard. I wanted to take them outside, place them up against the old stone wall, next to the French cottage and photograph each stunning flower… but I didn’t, cause I couldn’t… it wasn’t my place to do so.

Secondly, watching someone else do what I do is just effing hard. Of course I trusted her, my fabulous friend with exquisite taste hired her! However, I couldn’t help but peer over her shoulder to ensure she got the right shot, captured the perfect kiss, set them in the perfect light to help tell their fabulous story. Yep, not getting out of my seat to tell her this was a good angle over here, or maybe she should position them over there, or check to see she if got the gorgeous detail on Megan’s Pronovious gown… was really really really hard for me.

Lastly, it was hard for me to be wedding guest because I haven’t been on a date with my husband, nugget-free, in quite some time. This weekend was about our two friends, but it also became about us. Yes, we checked in with our nugget, but the service was god awful… so it was short and sweet face times. Though it took me a minute, I remembered what is was like to really be with my hubby pre-baby… and it was actually nice. I was in the shower at one point, and when I was done he had gotten a robe and slippers ready for me just outside the curtain. Normally, this would not have happened at home… not because he didn’t want to do those sweet things for me, but because it was his turn to watch the nugget so I could have a minute alone in the shower. I love my husband, and it’s hard to give your full attention to someone else when there is someone else in the room so demanding of your attention. And I’m not bashing my baby here, I’m simply saying it felt nice to fall back into an old routine with my first love.

So, there you have it…. why attending a wedding as a guest was harder than I thought, but more worth it than I realized. Below are some iPhone pics 🙂 from our beautiful time in Middleburg, VA at The Goodstone Inn.


  1. Megan

    September 5th, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    “This weekend was about our two friends, but it also became about us” – that is the essence of what we wanted for our guests and the wedding weekend!! George and I are thrilled that you and Chris came, relished in the relaxation and got a taste of why we love this place so much. And you looked SMOKING hot to boot!! 😉 Thanks for taking some photos – they mean more to me than you know!

    All Our Love,

    M + G

  2. cathy.durig@gmail.com

    September 7th, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    I love Mrs. Norris 🙂