Hi, Love! My name is Cathy Durig. Most days you can find me chasing my naked nugget around the house, hoping to persuade him clothes are essentially "good". I'm a full-time mama who loves to photographing pretty people, with pretty things, in pretty locations.


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The night before Knox was born, we went out to dinner with our friends. My parents, fortunately, made the last minute decision to come up Saturday morning and stay with us through the weekend… just in case something happened. Well, they came up and nothing happened. Every time I took a deep breath or grabbed my belly, […]

It’s almost 11:00 PM and I’m sitting at my desk eating a bowl of Cheeze-Its (white cheddar of course), with a peach Fresca, and letting my ice cream sandwich melt just a tad while I write this post. We’re finally home from the hospital and I’m so exhausted and in so much pain I can’t even sleep… […]

I’m sitting on the table at the Dr’s office… no pants… just a rough sheet to cover my lady parts… which he has already checked. He tells me I’m 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. I ask him how much longer, his response… “Is it going to rain on Saturday?”… priceless.   My due date has […]

Well, we are in the final countdown this month… I’m 38 weeks pregnant… 3 cm dilated… and 80% effaced. The doctor recommended lots of walking and sex to get the baby to come early. However, I’m not ready for the nugget to arrive just yet (insert sad face for my poor hubby). I need to […]

With our second baby on the way, and much to my surprise… I’m not really freaking out at all. I know… well, I wasn’t freaking out until I started writing this post. We are in the last 4 weeks of my due date, and I haven’t purchased anything above and beyond from what I have […]

With only several weeks left until nugget #2 arrives, I wanted to spend some time chatting about my first born… my nugget, my ninja, my buddy, my booboo… Brooks. Most of you who know me, know that I am not a fan of being pregnant… like not at all. I know some woman have this […]

It’s that time loves… we are starting to set our goals for 2018 and I could honestly not be more excited!!! I LOVE setting goals… thinking about the future, what I’m going to accomplish, and how I’m going to get there… it might as well be Christmas again (ok… I took it a bit too […]

I know everyone says this… but, really… where did the time go? So many events, life changes, and special moments have unraveled themselves in 2017 I can’t help but say thank you. Thank you to one of the most challenging years my family has been through (emotionally & physically). From moving to carrying nugget #2, […]

I love when my girl Lindsey Regan Thorne Does a Life Lately post… so I thought I would try one too. So life in the Durig house has been kinda of… well… crazy… Chris has been traveling…. like traveling everywhere… London, Baltimore, Charlotte… sometimes I’m not sure where he’s at or where he’s coming home […]

I love Disney. I love Disney World. And I especially love Disney themed events. However, for as long as I have been going to Disney Holiday parties… I have never been to Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party… until this past weekend! The evening did not disappoint… and I’m sharing some of my favorites reasons why below […]