Hi, Love! My name is Cathy Durig. Most days you can find me chasing my naked nugget around the house, hoping to persuade him clothes are essentially "good". I'm a full-time mama who loves to photographer pretty people, with pretty things, in pretty locations.


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I want a Sunday kind of love A love to last past Saturday night And I’d like to know it’s more than love at first sight And I want a Sunday kind of love Oh yea yea – Etta James Vendors: Katrina Hutchins Events Cathy Durig Photography The Mint Museum Randolph Split Second Sound (ceremony) […]

You look so wonderful in your dress I love your hair like that The way it falls on the side of your neck Down your shoulders and back We are surrounded by all of these lies And people who talk too much You’ve got that kind of look in your eyes As if no one […]

There aren’t many words that can describe how much I love you and what you mean to me. There are no phrases that can encapsulate how much you make my life a reason to celebrate. There aren’t any quotes which justify our romance Just looking at you puts me in a heavenly trance. -Anonymous   […]

I am all about easy… like anything that claims to make my life easier… I’m in… no questions asked. After just having a baby two weeks ago, and still attempting to raise our oldest 19 month old… easy is my middle effing name. However, I love cooking and trying out new recipes. I’m fully aware, a banana […]

The night before Knox was born, we went out to dinner with our friends. My parents, fortunately, made the last minute decision to come up Saturday morning and stay with us through the weekend… just in case something happened. Well, they came up and nothing happened. Every time I took a deep breath or grabbed my belly, […]

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the ones you love… and as wifey and a mama… I love all my boys. And what better way to show my love through food? My bar cart styling has taken a turn from all things liqueur to all things candy and sweets since having babies! I wanted […]

I love Valentine’s Day! Like love this stupid Holiday… even when I was single I celebrate this lovefest of a holiday (prob why I was single for so long… #loser… #happyloser). I still remember being little and my dad coming home with roses for me and my sisters. We would each get our own little […]

It’s almost 11:00 PM and I’m sitting at my desk eating a bowl of Cheeze-Its (white cheddar of course), with a peach Fresca, and letting my ice cream sandwich melt just a tad while I write this post. We’re finally home from the hospital and I’m so exhausted and in so much pain I can’t even sleep… […]

I’m sitting on the table at the Dr’s office… no pants… just a rough sheet to cover my lady parts… which he has already checked. He tells me I’m 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. I ask him how much longer, his response… “Is it going to rain on Saturday?”… priceless.   My due date has […]

My dad is known for making a big deal about holidays in general, and growing up with 3 younger sisters… Valentine’s Day was nothing short of a holiday celebrated for the all the ladies in his life. He would go all out for my mom, so much so one year he got here a giant heart-shaped […]