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Holiday Gift Guides | Toddler Boys


Gift Guides

Alright, ladies… and the few gents who are in charge of ordering Christmas presents this year for the younglings. Below is my gift guide for toddler boys! Everything on this list is either currently in our home, or will make it’s way here on December 24th. Hope this helps with the Holiday shopping… links & reviews below 🙂

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  1. Puzzle Names – We’re now at the point where Brooks can say his name, though sometimes it does sound like he’s saying something awful close to b*tch, but we’ll take it!! I thought these were too cute to pass up 🙂
  2. Green Toys Carrier Truck – We already on this, but Brooks freaking loves this toy! He put the cars on the truck, then take the cars off. He put the cars on, then takes the cars off… repeat this about 45 times and you’ve just killed 30 minutes!
  3. Fisher Price Classic Cash Register – Not gonna lie I saw this and wanted it because I had this exact toy when I was a babe! The best part, Brooks and I were scrolling through toys and this popped up on the screen and he goes “mine”… and in the cart, it went!
  4. Hape Mixer & Bowl – A tantrum ensued over this little gem of a toy… and so did a Brooks’ first letter to Santa. This toy better be under the tree come Christmas morning or Amazing better start same day delivery if not!
  5. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Totter – I dunno… looked fun and cool.
  6. PJ Mask Capes – Cause PJ Masks capes!!!
  7. Green Toys Helicopter & Boat – We have this, it comes to pool every trip… Brooks is the coolest kid at the pool because of it.
  8. Thomas & Friends Snowy Train Track – cause we need more trains, and train tracks and things for the trains to do in this house.
  9. Boley Constructions Trucks – Brooks LOVES construction trucks… everything we see a real construction site as we drive by in the car I think he’s gonna have an aneurysm… so why not have one at our house… and constructions truck, not an aneurysm 🙂
  10. Green Toys Construction Trucks – Cause we obviously need smaller versions of the same trucks we already have…
  11. Hape Race Car Track – Have this… loves it… don’t lose the cars tho…
  12. Hape Coffee Maker – to be like daddy 🙂
  13. Hape Constructions Puzzle – I felt the need to throw in a “smart” toy option… but we are for reals getting this!
  14. Hape Workbench – Kinda pricey, but I figure this is a good big present!!!

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