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Knox Riley Durig’s Birth Story



The night before Knox was born, we went out to dinner with our friends. My parents, fortunately, made the last minute decision to come up Saturday morning and stay with us through the weekend… just in case something happened. Well, they came up and nothing happened. Every time I took a deep breath or grabbed my belly, my dad would all of a sudden ask “Is it happening???” and I would reply, “Nope, still pregnant dad”. So, when Chris and I had free babysitters for the evening, we took our chance and left the house for a baby-free evening.

The dinner portion of this story is somewhat important because his friends invited him to go fishing the next morning. Chris hadn’t committed yet, but at this point, with no other signs of labor happening… and it was his Birthday the next day… so, I was cool with it.

The next morning Chris left around 7:30 AM to head out to Tampa Bay with the boys. I woke up shortly after and went to brush my teeth… and I just felt off. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew it was off. I decided to blow dry my hair just in case… but this was something I had done almost every day prior (ps thanks for all the IG shoutouts on my hair for those of you who follow me), so I wasn’t getting overly excited.

I walked downstairs and my parents were already up with Brooks watching TV. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down… then that weird feeling I was having earlier manifested itself yet again. Small and minor… but I knew it was a contraction. However, I still wasn’t getting my hopes up, because this had been happening the past couple of weeks… this did not stop my dad from getting his hopes up though. We decided to go out for breakfast, which my stepmom questioned given how I was feeling… I told her that I just needed to make plans and do stuff to get my mind off of it. They weren’t bad contractions… yet… nor were they consistent… so pancakes it was!

We got to the diner around the corner and walked in… another contraction started as soon as the lady told us to follow her to a table. This one was worse than earlier, and I started to get a little hopeful, but still not convinced. We sat down at the table, and I busted out the stopwatch feature on my iPhone… We ordered breakfast, then another one started… we were looking at every 15 minutes apart at this point. I didn’t want to tell Chris to come in from the boat, because even if I was in labor… I knew this could still be awhile… and it was his Birthday, so I wanted him to have fun. Breakfast came, and so did another contraction… they were 7 minutes apart. My stepmom looked at me across the table and told me to text Chris… not to come in yet, but to let him know what was going on. So I did.

We finished up breakfast, where my dad told our server we were going to name the baby after him… needless to say our child’s name is not Robert…. my dad hust gets very excited about… well, everything. We walked to the car… I sat in the driver’s seat, where my stepmom then proceeded to say, “I think you better let your dad drive honey”. I climbed in the back with Brooks and had full-on contraction. She turned around and said, “We’re going to the hospital, text Chris”.

So, off we went…. bellies full of pnackaes and bacon… to the hospital. One thing you need to know about my dad is that he gets very excited about… well… everything as I mentioned earlier. He called the other night to tell me Target had jelly beans out already… which let’s be real, would make anyone excited. So now you will understand that when we were on our way to the hospital and pulled up to 4 red lights in a row… he started begging my stepmom to run them. She replied instantly and repeatedly, “No, Patrick!”. At one point he was paying more attention to begging her that he missed the fact the light had already turned green and she yelled, “It’s green already…. just go!” haha.

We arrived at the hospital, where the receptionist took me upstairs and my fam was asked to check-in as visitors. They met me upstairs, and Brooks was given a sticker which they put on his back, “If lost, return to…” and had a pic of my stepmom with her name on it. I don’t know why, but I just thought tis was hysterical!

I had texted Chis in the car on the way in and called him when I was getting checked in at the nurse’s station. I could barely hear him, because… well… he was on a boat! They were driving in, and he said he would be there soon… hopefully. Don’t worry, this is not a story about how a father missed the birth of his son 🙂

They brought me back to a room where I was told to do something, but I had to pee so bad, I totally forgot what the nurse had said when she brought me in there. I used the restroom adjoined to the room and saw a bed… I assumed I was supposed to take my clothes off but wasn’t sure. I knew this was not the room I was going to deliver in, but I assumed I needed to be checked regardless. So, I cracked opened the door to the nurse’s station and asked the ladies, in my most trying to not-to-be-embarrassed-voice… “Am I supposed to take my clothes off… like panties and all?” They laughed and all responded “Yes.”.

So, there I waited… panty-less under a blanket with some snaps that they called a “gown”… having contraction after contraction by myself…. until my hubby finally arrived! Fortunately, he had Brooks with him and I got to see my nugget one last time before our second one arrived. My stepmom and dad took Brooks shortly after Chris came, and I’m pretty sure he got to go to the aquarium that day, so he was totally clueless to everything going on… cause he was living his best life with Nana & Popop. I, however, was in a world of hurt. I’m strep positive, so before I could get an epidural, I needed to bag of fluids in my so my blood pressure wouldn’t drop. Contractions are literally the worst… EVER… and I don’t know about all the other mama’s out there, but the only thing that helps me is watching the monitor so I can see when the contraction peaks… this way I know it’s downhill from there.

They moved us to the delivery room so I could get my epidural (finally). Two doctors came into the room… one woman and one male. As they began cleaning my back for the shot, I quickly realized the male anesthesiologist was being trained by the female on how to insert the epidural INTO MY FUCKING SPINE! The worst part??? I apparently I was lucky number Patient 0 for this guy!! She was coaching him on how far in to go… like no joke… I looked at Chris who was sitting right in front of me and gave him the ‘WTF look”… I was terrified. As she was telling him exactly what to do, at some point I hear her say… “No, don’t do…” she stopped, and started a new sentence… “annnnd you just pulled out the epidural”. I didn’t know this at the time because they were behind me, but Chris could see everything. And what he saw was this guy smile at the “real” doctor, who proceeded to tell him to get out… he smiled again… and she said even louder…. “get out of the room now!”. She took the gauze and tape off my back and started from scratch… added a bit more numbing medicine, and poked me again. As the doc was wrapping things up, she told us that has only ever happened to a student one other time in her entire career. Lucky me.

I started to feel nauseous, like really nauseous… and I don’t remember losing that match control in my legs with Brooks. We called the nurse in and she had the anesthesiologist come back and cut my dosage in half. I was scared to death that I would never regain feeling in my legs again, that the doc totally effed up my world and I would be immobile forever. Luckily I regained some movement back, so my fears were quieted for the moment… but I was pretty fucking terrified.

Shortly thereafter Darlene, our midwife, came in to check my status again… 8 cm. She broke my water. This show was finally about to begin… or end… all depends on who you ask. Either, way… about 20 minutes later the rest of the entourage followed. But here’s the cool part to the entire day… since it was Chris’ Birthday, Darlene asked Chris if he wanted to deliver our baby as a birthday gift. Without hesitation, he responded… “sure”. She proceeded with, “You’re not going to pass out are you??”, and I chimed in explaining, “He’s like the manliest person you’ll ever meet… he’s not going to pass out”. 🙂

The ladies had me ready to go, asked Chris to grab a leg, and then asked me to start pushing…. one of the nurses said, “Woah, we’re going to have this baby here in no time!”. I stopped pushing and waited for another contraction, then started again. Darlene told Chris to go wash his hands… and told me to hold on a minute… instead, I yelled for Chris to hurry. He came back out, and with just a couple more pushes… Chris delivered our baby, Knox Riley Durig, into the world.

Knox didn’t cry immediately, which was somewhat scary but pretty telling to what kind of baby he is. Knox is calm, quiet, sweet, snuggly, and just so fucking chill. I love everything about our newest addition, and so thankful (minus the epidural incident) the way he came into our lives.


We haven’t officially taken our newborn photos yet, but I wanted to share some pics just days after Knox came home, of him and his bir brother Brooks.