Hi, Love! My name is Cathy Durig. Most days you can find me chasing my naked nugget around the house, hoping to persuade him clothes are essentially "good". I'm a full-time mama who loves to photographer pretty people, with pretty things, in pretty locations.


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40 Weeks



I’m sitting on the table at the Dr’s office… no pants… just a rough sheet to cover my lady parts… which he has already checked. He tells me I’m 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. I ask him how much longer, his response… “Is it going to rain on Saturday?”… priceless.


My due date has officially come and gone, and I’ve been rockin’ 3cm for the past three weeks now.

Am I discouraged? Yes.

Am I disappointed? Yes.

Am I about to go & get myself another Slurpee? Nope…. but Chirs is 😉


However, not all is lost, my friends. My world is about to change, in a big way… and I know this. I know that the little time I have left with my family of three is precious. That Brooks getting strep throat this week is no coincidence. He wants a little more attention from his mama and dada, and we’re happy to give it to him. I just booked a trip for the four of us this Fall, and I’m finishing another load of laundry as we speak.

Going past your due date isn’t the worst thing that could happen, in fact, it’s tiny a blessing (words I never say) that lets me live in the present. I have never snuggled my first nugget so hard the past week. And since I’m expecting to deliver any moment… my showering and overall personal hygiene have increased as well. I’m fully prepped to go at any minute, and my hair is too!

So, for those mama’s counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until those awful contracts start to hit… my advice… don’t. Cherish the time you have now, know that it will all be over soon, and you’ll never get to be back in this exact moment ever again.

And let’s be real… if this nugget hasn’t shown up by next week… I might just pull a Rachel on you and take it all back! haha! So, for now, I’m sipping a cup of tea, rubbing my belly, and enjoying these photos I got to take yesterday of me and my soon-to-be nugget number two 🙂