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20 Hospital Bag Essentials for Mama



Well, we are in the final countdown this month… I’m 38 weeks pregnant… 3 cm dilated… and 80% effaced. The doctor recommended lots of walking and sex to get the baby to come early. However, I’m not ready for the nugget to arrive just yet (insert sad face for my poor hubby). I need to pack my hospital bag and haven’t even started to gather my essentials. I remember with Brooks we brought WAY too much stuff… we packed a bottle of Veuve & champagne glasses… like we were pre-gaming for a Beyonce and JayZ concert. Such young kids, we were back then. I have grown wiser in the past year and a half and this time around I know exactly what I need to get me through a couple nights in the hospital. So below are my essentials I either used excessively the first time or had and made a mental note to bring for nugget #2…


  1. Sleep Mask – I swear I don’t even wear sleeps masks on the regular, but I remember it being near impossible for me to sleep in the hospital I went in around 1 AM, but didn’t deliver Brooks until 12 PM the next day. My sleep schedule was so off, therefore I just didn’t sleep at all. I was so full of adrenaline post nugget it was hard for me to relax in general, and though I was exhausted it was in the middle of the day and any light that came into our room didn’t make it a conducive place to rest.
  2. Ear Plugs  – Somewhat following the same line as above. I was on edge after birth, I couldn’t believe what had just happened and I wanted to stay awake through it all… almost like being in Vegas where you never want to sleep because you’re afraid you’re going to miss something… just minus the baby, and the pain, and the hospital, and the drugs… nevermind keep those in. Earplugs would have been a clutch addition to my bag, blocking out all the noise so I could get a little shut-eye.
  3. Dry Shampoo – I’m not sure if this goes for everyone, but I didn’t shower until the last day. I had third-degree tears and was in some PAIN. Se showering was low on my agenda. I hope that is not the case again, but for some reason, if it is… Mama needed some dry shampoo in that mop.
  4. Dark Comfy Pajamas – First, notice I said dark… don’t go thinking you’re going to be wearing your nice pastel colored PJ’s post-op and them not get a little “joody” on them. And to clarify “joody” is defined as unknown substance/fluid in this house. Stick with dark colors, and think comfort. I packed a robe first time around and didn’t wear it once… I wish I had a couple pairs of super soft and comfy pajamas to lounge in instead.
  5. Lotion – Hospitals are just dry in general… and I HATE when my skin feels dry… it drives me absolutely nuts! I’m bringing a non-travel sized bottle of lotion with me. I bought this Dove baby lotion for Brooks a couple weeks back, and I end up using it all the time.
  6. Bath Towels – I didn’t shower until my last day at the hospital, given my circumstances, but I remember when I did shower the towels felt like handkerchiefs. Like… nothing absorbed. I’m bringing two towels… one for me and one Chris. Granted, he might have the opportunity to go home and shower, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Side note, I’ll be bringing towels I don’t care if they get ruined… like old towels, I should probably get rid off… and more than likely will after they get used at the hospital. And to clarify, not because the hospital is gross… cause I’ll be pretty effing gross… and no amount of bleach will get that “joody” out.
  7. Vicks Vapor Rug – Again, I cannot stand being dry! My sister was over recently and we both came down with a really bad cold. She and I were both using this stuff incessantly… on our chest, on our lips, under our nose… essentially anywhere and everywhere on our bodies. Well, now I’m hooked, and it makes me feel so much better when I inhale that menthol goodness. This little life-saver is def coming with me… watch the nurse think I have some addiction issue.
  8. Nursing Pads – Whether you’re nursing or not nursing… you’ll more than likely be leaking. It used to drive me nuts when I would look down and I had two giant wet pancake-sized stains on my shirt, not to mention really fucking embarrassing. I used these all the time with Brooks and I loved them. Don’t go cheap and get the Target brand, they are not as good. I’ve tried the cloth versions, but form my experience, they were like socks… I would wash them and could never find the matching one after. These were easy and did the job!
  9. Yeti Tumbler – I was soooooo parched after giving birth… like I could not get enough water in my mouth fast enough. However, I wanted really really really cold ice water. Chris was constantly heading to the ice machine. I recently got one of these Yeti tumblers for Christmas (thanks, Chris!) and it’s 100% making the packing list!
  10. Cold Packs – This is obviously a necessity for those giving a vaginal birth. Whether you tear, don’t tear, or tear everywhere… you’re going to be sore. Pack two of these ice packs so one can sit in the freezer, while the other one is doing what it does best… making you feel like a champ…lies… it’s just making you feel like you could someday use your private parts again.
  11. Snacks – I don’t remember craving much post-birth… except sleep… but as far as food goes… I wasn’t really that hungry for anything. Honestly, I was thirsty as I mentioned earlier, so I wished I has something to suck on. I’m packing these mints and some other suck-able items to help me.
  12. Washcloths – Let me clarify… dark washcloths. Again, I was in a lot of pain post-Brooks and didn’t/couldn’t shower until Day 3. I wish I had a handful of washcloths to “clean-up” with. I’ll definitely be bringing these with me in case I’m in as rough shape as I was before.
  13. Comfy Bras – Do I really need a clarify anything here? If you’re preggers and your boobies haven’t already started to double in size… get ready! Get yourself some wire-free, non-tight, but supportive bras. These GAP ones have worked the best for me, but honestly…. try a million bras on to figure out what works. I hated nursing bras… I always felt like those clips were digging into to me.
  14. Face Lotion – the dryness… oh the effing dryness in hospitals I cannot stand. My body was quenching for water everywhere, and thick face lotion/cream did the trick.
  15. Comfy Socks – Everyone talks about bringing slippers to the hospital… but I preferred comfy/grippy socks I could wear to bed too.
  16. Pillows – BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW(S)…. hospital pillows just suck. I’ll be bringing two pillows… one for me and one for Chris.
  17. Nipple Balm – This is more so for the ladies who decide to nurse… just bring it… you’ll thank me later. And even if you don’t foresee a need for it right away… just lather yourself in this stuff regardless… again, you’ll thank me later.
  18. Dark Granny Panties – Am I the only one out there not a fan of those mesh panties the hospital provides??? I’m sorry, and I might be the first to say it… I didn’t like them..in fact, I hated them. I didn’t feel like they weren’t holding anything up/or in! As soon as I got home from the hospital I switched over to some extra-large granny panties that felt sooooo much better. I’ll be bringing these dark gems to the hospital.
  19. Tucks – just do it… please. If you disregard everything on this list… fine… but bring these, or call to make sure the hospital provides them.
  20. Extra Bag – I carried so much stuff home from the Hospital the first time around… I remember wishing we had an extra bag to store all this stuff in. What kind of stuff?? Swaddle Blankets, Diapers, Newborn shirts, his little hats the hospital gave us, mama care items (pads & diapers… no shame)… having an extra bag would have been clutch!

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