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15 Essentials I Wish I had After Baby #1



With our second baby on the way, and much to my surprise… I’m not really freaking out at all. I know… well, I wasn’t freaking out until I started writing this post. We are in the last 4 weeks of my due date, and I haven’t purchased anything above and beyond from what I have leftover from Brooks. With that being said, and going back to those first couple weeks/months with a newborn, there were definitely some items I wish I had or wish I had more of post-baby… for myself and the new member of the fam. With that being said, for the new mama’s or second time mama’s out there that need a little advice on what to get, I put together my 15 Essentials I Wish I had After Baby #1…


  1. Pajamas… let me rephrase… really effing comfortable size large pajamas! I’ll be honest… I gained a ton of weight with Brooks… like a ton… like pushed the scale passed 200… yep! I guess I thought when I had my little nugget, that I would lose all the weight right away. Nope… that definitely did not happen. I lost 8.8 lbs and had to figure out how to lose the other 55 lbs 🙁 Regardless…  I wasn’t comfortable in anything I wore. I wish I had a plethora of nice, comfortable PJ’s post-baby to lounge in… since that was essentially my work uniform for a handful full of weeks.
  2. Plain white onesies. I can’t even begin to tell you how many outfit changes we went through in the beginning with Brooks… from spit up, to exorcist style throw up, to diaper explosions all the way up the back… I was changing that child every 20 minutes it felt like. Those oh-co-cute $20 onesies with all the adorable animals got shoved to the back of the drawer, and the plain white onesies made their way to the front (if they were still bleachable after Brooks had his way with them).
  3. Burping Cloths… just like #2…the amount of fluid in general that comes out of a baby is just downright insane. I LOVED the Aden & Anais burp cloths in particular because a.) they were long enough to go down my back (for those projectile type spit-ups) and b.) they later doubled as a bib for little buddy. I remember having burp cloths everywhere… on the couch, on the rocking chair, over the crib… just in case we had an “accident” which was every 5 minutes…
  4. Comfy bottoms… again, I made the rookie mistake of buying all these cute pants… babies don’t care about cuteness… they have that area covered…. they want comfy. I wish I had more comfy pants for Brooks in the beginning. I had all of two, and was constantly doing laundry! This baby will be just as comfy as his mama 🙂
  5. Baby Socks. I didn’t realize how cold baby’s get… especially when they are newborns. I had to order more socks the first-week to keep those little tootsies warm.
  6. DockATot. I really have no idea how I did life without this little gem. Like where was this on the registry??? Brooks always wanted to be held during the day for his naps… it was exhausting for me because I never had a moment to lay down myself. Apparently, the DockATot provides a snug environment like being in the womb… and babies love it!
  7. Baby Bjorn Bouncer. We went all out with Brooks and bought one of those really nice swings… that eventually broke and started clicking every single time we turned it on! I should have purchased this simple little lightweight bouncer I could’ve taken anywhere… with no fear of clicking. I thought newborns needed all this entertainment… which is not the case. Simple and easier is the way to go.
  8. Fawn Design Diaper Bar. A diaper bag is like a purse with endless pockets and zippers. The diaper bag I have now has so many pockets I don’t even know where I put half the stuff I throw in there. I should have gone the simpler route, and I should have chosen something that was convertible into a backpack. Having a shoulder diaper bag is just wearing… you’re more than likely carrying a baby on your hip, so there’s no need to add more weight… distribute some of that to your back. I just ordered this in grey, and cannot wait to use it.
  9. Comfy Bras. Again, I thought post-baby I would be rocking my pre-baby bras within a week. Nope… and to this day I still have not worn my pre-baby bras. They just don’t fit right anymore… so invested in wire-free supportive bras like this gem from Gap… it’s one of my favorites.
  10. Phone-Free Baby Monitor – First time around, Chris and I thought it was genius to get a baby monitor we could use on our phones. What silly kids we were back then. My phone was never charged… or the signal would go out and the app would have to re-boot. And if I wasn’t home, Chris would sometimes have to re-download the app to access the monitor from his phone. It sucked. This time I want a monitor with two cameras, in case our nugget falls asleep someplace other than his crib, and an actual video monitor screen not dependent on our phones.
  11. Swaddle Blankets. The only reason these guys made the list is because Brooks uses about three of these blankets to go to sleep for naptime and bedtime… he’s not going to want to share… so I need more inventory. Side Note: Aden & Anais are the best ones… they get softer everytime you wash them… and my current nugget just loves them.
  12. Tubberware… I added this item to the list and realized just how old I was… and then quickly realized just how much I don’t care. What saves me time is making a big meal and having leftovers for both boys. I decided this is the year to invest in nice Tupperware and found these awesome glass ones that you can throw right back in the oven… so much easier than transferring (side note…I’d much rather re-heat food in the oven than in the microwave… I know it’s easier/faster… but it just tastes better to me in the oven.
  13. Newborn Hats… this goes back to #5… but I felt like our nugget was always cold… especially at nighttime. I wish I had every inch of him covered and bundled.
  14. Brooks never took to the pacifier… and initially, I was like “Yay, my son is so awesome!” then the long nights came and nothing would soothe him except for either being held or a bottle. And if we are being very honest… he’s a year and a half and those are still the only two things that soothe him. I can handle the cuddles, cause I like them too… but the bottle is sometimes too much because he’ll either overeat or pee through his pants 🙁 I’m hoping my nugget #2 founds comfort in a pacifier.
  15. I want a Google Home. I know Christmas has come and gone, but I wish this had made my list. I remember being so tired after nugget #1, that even reaching over to get my phone was work. I’m hoping I’m in a much better position this go round (mentally & physically), but a little virtual assistant wouldn’t be so bad.


And there you have it! My 15 Essentials for Baby #2! Any other suggestions I’m missing???? Throw em’ at me loves. Links to my faves products below 🙂

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