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I love when my girl Lindsey Regan Thorne Does a Life Lately post… so I thought I would try one too. So life in the Durig house has been kinda of… well… crazy…

Chris has been traveling…. like traveling everywhere… London, Baltimore, Charlotte… sometimes I’m not sure where he’s at or where he’s coming home from. But every time he gets home Buddy is super excited to see his main man. Sometimes when Chris is gone, I’ll ask Brooks, “Where’s Dada?” and he’ll put his arms up and look around like he just left the room, though he’s been gone for 3 days… bahaha…. It’s so stinkin’ sweet.

This 30-week pregnant mama has been hitting the road more often too. It’s high season for weddings and engagements, which means Chris and I are literally high-fiving in the airport. Who’s watching Brooks you ask??? Our new nanny, that I absolutely LOVE! She’s young, she’s smart, and she takes my super active nugget EVERYWHERE…. like she wears him out… she literally says that… “I’m going to take him to the park to wear him out a bit”… then my heart flutters…. cause he comes home worn out and ready for some mama snuggles.

I’m at the point in my pregnancy where it’s almost an Olympic sport to roll over in bed. I’m still about 10 lbs less than what I was at this time with Brooks, but this mama is still feelin’ huge. Our soon-to-be little nugget is actually pretty good. Sometimes I forget that he’s even there… like I’ll finally stop, sit and feel the little flutters and it reminds me to look down and say ‘hi’ 🙂 A part of me feels bad I haven’t given him the attention I once gave Brooks when he was in my belly, but part of me likes that it’s not consuming me like it did before. Having a baby was hard for me in the beginning, and still is, but I’ve learned that not giving up who I am and what Chris and are, was the key to making this work. Brooks is a plus to my life, not all of it. And this next nugget will add even more value to the life Chris and I created, but I feel I’m in a much better position because I know what having a kid means to us.

Brooks is becoming the little man of the house. He is 100% his father… which means he does what he wants when he wants 🙂 He understands everything we say, and is almost at the point of talking… though the words he does speak sound more like weird noises, he’s at least trying. Sleeping through the night is still hit or miss, and I’m not ashamed to say we sill give him a bottle if he wakes up crying. If you’re a new mama or just a mama in general that needs a little support… my best piece advice is…. do what works for you.

Christmas is around the corner and I’ve already started to bring out some of our Holiday decor, but realized I do not have enough… like I want it to look like Christmas had the flu in my home and threw up everywhere. Over the next month, you’ll be seeing a lot of Holiday posts from us…. recipes, decor items, gift guides, silly traditions that I’ll be starting despite my husband’s Grinchmas outlook (though he secretly loves it). I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS…. so get ready people!

All in all, we are busy but in a really good place despite the amount of stuff we have going on. Sometimes I feel like Crhis and I work better together under pressure… we are such opposites, but know each other’s strengths and how to apply them to make our family better and stronger. I love him, and I love our growing family. 

We’re going to spend the rest of this long weekend hanging Christmas lights, strategiacally placiing our light up Santa in the front yard, and maybe squeeze in some snuggles here and there before we start another crazy week. Happy Holidays Loves!