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Duke Mansion Engagement | Brittany & Cameron



how they met:

From the bride: We met on December 16th last year!  My friend and I left our work Christmas party early (nobody wants the bosses there late) and headed across the street to Olde Mecklenburg Brewery to eat dinner and hang out.  We ran into one of her friends’ and decided that they had plenty of room at their table for us to join in! I sat next to Cameron and we hit it off.  We laughed the whole night and really just had a great time chatting.  I forgot that we were with a group (especially when he was teaching me how I should knifehand people).  We closed down the place and then my friend invited him to our next stop.  He grabbed my number and the address and told us he would meet us there.  I had no idea he would actually follow through.  Much to his surprise, we were headed to my friends’ in-laws house.  Cameron showed up, ended up being the life of the party (as usual), and ate all of Kylene’s mother-in-laws cookies.  He came over the next day and baked cookies with me and watched Christmas Hallmark movies.  The hallmark movie solidified our fate in my mind.  He left for the mountains with his family and came home early to take me on our real “first” date before I left for my families’ house in Virginia.  We went to breakfast and 3 hours later left Landmark, our favorite diner, and planned our next date.  He called me every day over Christmas, but since I don’t have cell service, he called my parents house phone like I was in high school all over again.  When I went back to work, he sent flowers to school with a note that said “hallmark moments aren’t just for the movies.”  This is a great example of the sappy life that we live, that we think is the happiest.


Words cannot express how lucky I am to work with such a fabulous couple! I hope you enjoy these photos from their perfect engagement session at The Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC.