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Turkey & Toasts with Paperless Post



I’m fully aware Halloween is just around the corner… like tomorrow around the corner… but there’s also another holiday coming up super fast that ALWAYS seems to nip me in the booty cause I’m never paying attention. Yep! The fabulous Holiday that is Thanksgiving!

However, this mama is on top of it this year and decided that she will be hosting Thanksgiving! Yep, I know I’m a little crazy what with just having moved to Florida, with a toddler, and another one on the way… but I really want to enjoy the Holidays in our home with our family and friends. With that being said I decided if I was going to do this… I wanted to do it right… so invitations were a must. Instead of the traditional paper invites, I opted for online invitations from Paperless Post.

Here’s Why I LOVE our Thanksgiving Invitations:

  • Gorgeous Designs…. like the stunningly gorgeous designs! It was hard to choose, but I found one right off that bat and kept coming back to it every time I was perusing the site. From fun and festive, to elegant and classy… whatever theme you’re going for this Holiday season, I bet you can find your invite vibe here. What’s even better, is that I can still customize the invite even after I picked my designs… from stamps to envelope liner… I added a little personal touch of my own to each invitation.

  • Quick & Efficient. I love when things are easy. Yes, it would have been nice to send paper invites, but girlfriend… did you read above? Just moved… still unpacking boxes… toddler… another baby… a mama who works… oh, did I mention a hubby who travels too? This mam just doesn’t have the time… but I still love etiquette and class that comes along with sending an invitation… I just need the easiest way to do so. I chose my design (which probably took the longest) and uploaded my guest’s names and emails… and hit the send button.
  • Sets the Tone and Theme for out 1st Thanksgiving! So now that my invites are picked out… I have a color scheme, an overall theme for our tablescape and home decor… I have DIRECTION! YAY! I’m in LOVE with the design we chose, and now that that the hard part is done… or easy in this case… I can get to planning the rest of the day!

Stay tuned for more of how my Thanksgiving 2017 will turn out! Next up in the que… menu planning 🙂

Click HERE to view Paperless Posts Thanksgiving themed online invitations.