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Client Welcome Gifts



I love giving gifts… like LOVE it! And I’ll say it… I love giving gifts that I would like to receive. So, when I re-vamped my client welcome gifts recently… I wanted to give my fabulous couples who chose me as their favorite to capture their wedding day… some of my favorites in appreciation for their business.

I took a step back and asked myself what would I want, or what do I like? I think about my ideal client a lot, and we typically share the same interests and hobbies… and they love the details as much as I do. Candy was a must, but I chose the fancy candy from my new favorite store Sugarfina! And they recently launched these flamingo gummies that are soooooo me and soooooo good! Those were my first purchase for the gift set, and after that I wanted to keep with the Florida vibes because I am hopelessly in love with this state!

Next, were the candles. At any given time in my home… candles are burning somewhere. I swoon… yep effing swoon… over a fabulous smelling candle. I found these porcelain sea urchin candles at the sweetest boutique in downtown St. Petersburg and bought every last one in the store! To accompany the sweet scents, and add a bit of branding to the gift, I had my logo printed on custom matches from For Your Party… and they are oh-so-chic! Now each time my client lights their new candle… they think of me :)… hopefully in a good way 🙂 …ut not too good if you know what I mean… (insert awkward face here!).

Champagne was an obvious addition to celebrate my client’s engagement… but the coasters were not so obvious. I was grazing, yes grazing my way through Home Goods one day and found a whole stack of these wooden Floridian coasters. They are perfect, different, and have the state of FLORIDA imprinted on them… the purchase was immediate.

Lastly, I wanted to give my clients something they could use either on their wedding day or before, and Sugar Paper‘s gorgeous Bride & Groom stationery hit the nail on the head. The ribbon was an added touch of detail… and there you have my new client welcome gifts for 2018!

Vendor links below images! 



Bride & Groom Stationery: Sugar Paper

Custom Matches: For Your Party

sugar paprGlass Sea Urchin Candles: Mis En Chic Boutique

Flamingo Gummies: Sugarfina

Wooden Florida Coasters: Home Goods

Champagne Mini: Total Wine

Ribbon: Michaels