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Dining Room Home Tour



When Chris and I moved into our first home together in Charlotte… we basically just combined what furniture we had together and made it work. It was a hodgepodge of leather sofa chairs (not mine), girly uncomfortable chairs from my single…ahhmmm… cheap days, and some new RH pieces we purchased together, but didn’t really make sense with the other pieces. So, when we made the decision to purchase our second home we vowed to make it a home that we could live in… with both comfort and style in mind.

When you buy a new home it’s hard not to want to get everything in order right away… but that’s where I felt Chris and I went wrong the first time. Instead, we negotiated going room by room… actually thinking about what we wanted the room to look and feel like. The first place we started was the Dining Room. I love cooking, but I love enjoying a good meal more. My goal was to transform this space into a place where I could sit for hours just sipping on coffee at my leisure (although I have a baby and this is a huge effing rarity), have dinners with our family with no TV around to distract us from actually asking one another how our days were… and then listening, to enjoy afternoon tea while I watch my baby play outside in the yard with the hose (he likes to fill buckets with water then dump them… so weird… and I don’t actually drink tea… but I might take it up with the thought of sitting in a place like this). Those were my goals on how I wanted my space to make me feel…. so comfort was a HUGE in the selection process… especially for the chairs (they are literally called CLOUD chairs in the description).

My second goal for this space was to keep it fresh and add a bit of Florida to the design. I found these Flamingo prints on Etsy FOREVER ago, and have been holding on to them until I knew how and where I wanted to showcase them. Our new dining room was perfect, and though I would like to say I cared about them so much to have them custom framed… I did not. BUT we did have these custom frames made for our engagement portraits 5 years ago that I knew would work perfectly! I went to our local frame store, and they were able to remove the previous photos, create custom mats for the flamingo prints… and wah lah… almost new!

The next item on my to-do was the light fixture. And I’m going, to be honest here… I had my eye on a different chandelier then what is shown below… but that original one my friends was over $2k… and unfortunately Kim Kardashian and I are not besties… yet 😉  Sooooooo… I found a very similar and cheaper option at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child! Yep, the gorgeous chancy you see below is actually for a baby’s nursery… apparently a fancy baby at that. Chris was hesitant at first, but as soon as he put it up… he agreed… it looked awesome in the space.

Enjoy our little dining room home tour… it’s the first of many as we get situated in our new home. Oh, and for you mama’s out there who are wondering why in the hell I chose white everything… don’t you worry… we had the chairs custom made with stain resistant fabric!



Chandelier: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Flamingo Prints: Etsy

Curtains: Restoration Hardware BELGIAN OPAQUE LINEN DRAPERY in white

Curtain Rod: Restoration Hardware in Oil- Rubbed Bronze

Table: Restoration Hardware in Salvaged Grey

Chairs: Restoration Hardware CLOUD DINING FABRIC ARMCHAIR in White

Orchid: Lowe’s