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Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party



I love Disney. I love Disney World. And I especially love Disney themed events. However, for as long as I have been going to Disney Holiday parties… I have never been to Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party… until this past weekend! The evening did not disappoint… and I’m sharing some of my favorites reasons why below 🙂

  • Everything was in theme! You entered the park, and the spooky Haunted Mansion music that typically plays on the ride was in full force as you walked down Main Street. The buildings and lamp posts were in true Halloween/Fall motif, starring Orange Pumpkin Mickey’s and Fall leaves everywhere. Sometimes living in Florida, it’s hard to get into the Holiday season, with the lack of actual Holiday weather… but not here! Disney nailed the Fall decor!

  • Candy, candy and more candy… did I mention candy??? Disney had candy stops throughout the entire park… and the good stuff too! Peanut Butter Snickers, Pretzel M&M’s, Tropical Skittles… plus the traditional versions too. As a proud candy enthusiast… all of the swag made its way home, and nothing was discarded. The best part??? Disney provided all the candy bags… and even after Brooks was asleep and could not collect on his own… they let mama step in and collect for him in addition to my bag too! Needless to say, we have candy for days in this house thanks to Disney.

  • They had a Disney Villian Themed Parade!! I love a good Disney villain… and this parade was just the right amount of Disney naughty. The villains finally had their time to shine, and it was so much fun! I especially loved the ghosts from the Haunted Mansion who shrieked mid-dance routine to the crowd…. kinda scary… but not really… just the right amount of scary.
  • Short Ride Lines – we rode Buzz Lightyear… not once, but twice… with no wait. We probably would’ve have been able to get on a lot more rides during the parade… but who would want to miss Maleficent? 😉
  • The costumes were so AWESOME… and I’m not talking about the employees (or characters as they refer to themselves), but the guests in the park. Entire families were in costume… my favorites with the Moana and Peter Pan themed one’s. Brooks and I wore spooky shirts because I thought his Halloween costume would be too hot… but we are deg going to plan something next year

Brooks passed out mid-parade… though he had quick wake up once the fireworks started :/ All in all, this was such a fun Fall themed evening for us, it was the perfect way for a Floridian to kick off the season… and we will definitely be back again!