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5 Ways to Get Through a Business Dry Spell



I’ve been here before, it’s been awhile… but unfortunately, it’s an unwanted familiarity.

I visit my website and head straight to the contact form. I type in all my information and click submit… I hear the email notification signal on my computer… yep… the contact form works just fine. A small part of me hoped it didn’t work, that people were attempting to contact me regarding my services, to book a wedding, or to ask about my availability… but nope, not the answer I was secretly hoping for.

I’ve got nohitng cooking, I’m going through a business dry spell, or I was until last week (which I’ll get to). I have thousands of readers visit my site each month, but I have had little to no solid inquiries for quite some time. Yes, I’m aware it’s summer and the height of engagements typically occur between November and February, but it still sucks. However, instead of wallowing in this pool of self-doubt and uncertainty… I decided to use this time to focus on my business and get my mind off the lack of inquiries and focus on what’s to come down the road…


  1. Make some updates. For example, I spent almost several hours today updating my 2018 Collections. The Collection Guide I had prior was sufficient, but it needed an update… bad. I was using images from almost two years ago… and a lot has changed in two years with regards to my work and how I photograph. I updated imagery, fonts to match that of my new site, and even created hyperlinks to certain galleries within the PDF (learned something new today!). When the inquiries would start again, I wanted to have some new and fresh for them to look at.
  2. Focus on business efficiencies. Being efficient in my business, my work, my life… is my JAM. Like, I brush my teeth in the shower while my hair is under the water so I don’t waste any time. For my wedding photography business, I recently learned how to set-up canned responses on my Gmail… and I cannot believe I haven’t done this before. Granted I have the time to answer emails, but once the season starts up again, I want to be able to get back to inquiries or clients quickly… and being in the midst of wedding season can hold that up. So, figuring out small ways to maximize my time is key for productivity now, and eventually in the future when it’s needed.
  3. Review your website/portfolio. I recently relaunched my website, and I LOVE IT. Granted, a part of me feels like I should have wait for the New Year, but so much stuff happens around that time I know myself well enough to know there would have been a delay. And since I’m in the middle of a dry spell, maybe potential clients are visiting my site and not liking what they are seeing because it is dated or not fresh enough for their liking. I have the time, and a part of doing it inspired me to think about the future of my business and where I wanted it to go and be, not the current moment I was in.
  4. Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself. I was at the point of sending myself an inquiry?? I wasn’t doing myself any favors by sitting behind the computer, emailing myself… so I got up and went out. I reached out to local wedding planners, photographers… bloggers even, to do something different. I moved my business from an entirely different state and expected people to find me cause I was that good?? Yeah, right! Owning a business is hard, and knowing people in the business is hard work too… so it was about time I get out from behind my computer screen and made more of an effort elsewhere.
  5. Know that it will come. It will come. I promise. The day I decided to write this post, is when I had not one but two solid inquiries, then another one the following day. If you’re working hard and smart, it will come. Owning your own business has its super highs and unbelievable lows, both are great if you take the opportunity to appreciate them.